CELLRESET is an exceptional anti-ageing night solution made up of four products which stimulate cellular activity of the skin and skin regeneration in order to restore youth and clarity to your skin.

CELLRESET is a global anti-ageing solution carefully designed around five major actions:

  Restructures the supporting tissues and firms the skin
  Provides elasticity and suppleness to the skin
  Fills and smooths wrinkles
  Deeply moisturises
  Evens the complexion

CELLRESET, a total anti-ageing strategy for use at night

The CELLRESET anti-ageing programme stimulates the natural mechanisms of skinregeneration. The protocol is modelled on the phases of the natural cell renewal cycle.

Designed for maximum anti-ageing efficacy, the CELLRESET protocol includes four products, to be applied every night throughout a 28-day cycle:

Serum Booster CR-0

Cell Activation stimulates the dermal stem cells. It is used every night before concentrates CR-1, CR-2 and CR-3 ;

Concentrate CR-1

Cellular Synchronisation initiates the cell renewal cycle. It boosts the natural production of collagen while bringing natural collagen into the skin

Concentrate CR-2

Cell Growth encourages natural hyaluronic acid production by the dermis ; The contribution of vectored hyaluronic acid completes this action

Concentrate CR-3

Cell Protection protects the mitochondrial DNA. It provides the skin with ceramides, whilst encouraging their natural production. Finally, it protects the regeneration potential of epidermal stem cells.

Natural ingredients for targeted action

Argan stem cells

Argan stem cells to boost deep cell renewal.

Papaya extract

Papaya extract to restart the renewal cycle of the epidermis.

Japanese Natto

Polysaccharides extracted from Japanese “Natto” for deep moisturising.

White Lupin

White Lupin extract to boost production of ceramides.


Languedoc-Roussillon (France) Grape extract to protect the mitochondrial DNA.