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In our quest to provide overall and complete wellness, DL-Group supplies high-quality skincare and nutritional products, drawing on innovative scientific research whose approach involves a concept uniting tradition, savoir faire and luxury, all made in France. A concept which is entirely directed towards and dedicated to overall inner and outer wellness.

A promise of matchless naturalness and efficacity thanks to a perfect combination uniting modern science and age-old traditions.

DL-Group’s mindset is centred around the company’s values :

Agility: A new state of mind and a new ability to adapt, innovate and interact
Passion : An intense desire, a fire burning within us which sets our course
Ethics: A watchword which governs our working practices
Responsibility: Keeping our promises and remaining accountable

A team of professionals who between them have many dozens of years’ experience and success in the international sector of network marketing.

A team united around our founding president, Dany Laroque, with a single mission: that of helping distributors to achieve their aims and to develop their activity by supplying them with the best services, helping them to evolve, inspiring them with a vision and an innovative action plan, to provide this job sector with the development it requires in regarding the new economy and market trends, with full respect for ethics.

DLG Opportunity

Direct Sales and Network Marketing are an essential economic strength. More and more companies choose this new distribution channel, which allows building a direct relationship between the Distributor and the Client, putting forward all assets of the product, and also building customer loyalty through a personalized follow up.

DL-Group wishes to support their Distributors through Sales & Marketing techniques trainings in order to maximize their results.

Our purpose is to develop dialogues and interactions between companies, distributors, clients and social media, not only to identify the potential customers but also to get to know them, understand them, and retain them through relevant communications and rewards programs.

DL-Group Group allows you to take control of your life by engaging in a profession with a future, a professional team, relevant and rewarding trainings, and guarantees you autonomy and freedom of action.

Together, let’s build a new future and let’s be the change !

Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Welcome to the exclusive world of DL-Group, a distribution system accessible to all, providing you an access to free enterprise, at your own convenience and without any constraint of qualification or age!

Direct Sales and Network Marketing avoids the usual distribution channels, their intermediaries and costs, by offering an economic model of marketing products directly by the individual through the well-known method of “Word of Mouth”.

Everyone performs acts of sale unknowingly recommending something to someone, for example. It is the base of the DL-Group sales system: promote products by talking around, generate new customers, and get compensation in return.

Unique products within an innovative, flexible and remunerative system !

The perfect combination of modern science and age-old traditions.


The care provided by the DLG Cosmetics range is a genuine anti-ageing package; it is natural, innovative and effective, respecting skin physiology which needs to be protected rather than counteracted. A promise of exceptional results thanks to a perfect combination uniting modern science and age-old tradition.

A unique cosmetic product is the fruit of years of life sciences research and development – molecular and genomic biology, the driving forces behind anti-ageing medicine, are also the basis of the Lifting Intense and CellReset formulae.

The natural active components are selected from ingredients which have been known for thousands of years and used in different forms of traditional medicine from across the world (Chinese or Ayurveda medicine, African and South American pharmacopeia, Western herbalist expertise). Natural active ingredients which are carefully selected, with an emphasis on quality and traceability.

A thousand-year-old natural drink optimised by DLG


A quintessential wellness drink, also known as “Turmeric Latte”, Golden Milk is a delicious traditional Ayurveda recipe which is flavoursome and has been savoured for centuries mainly in India and south-east Asia. It provides many benefits via natural active ingredients with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,

such as turmeric combined with piperine (black pepper), ginger, almond plant milk and coconut milk.

Via our DLG HEALTHCARE range, DL-Group will provide you with an even more effective drink than classic Golden Milk: EXTRA GOLDEN MILK. A genuine concentrated dose of wellness produced in the light of modern science and optimised with biological active ingredients, vitamins, amino acids and adaptogenic plants to bring you overall wellness and help you to feel better in yourself

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