LIFTING INTENSE is a revolutionary anti-ageing skincare which consists out of three powerful and complementary products to lift, energize and illuminate your complexion.

Easy to use, LIFTING INTENSE is the new indispensable ally in your fight against the passing of time.


   Provides an instant and unequaled lifting effect
   Boosts the epidermis and by improving the skin’s density and elasticity
   Soothes, repairs and protects the skin from environmental stress
   Purifies the skin and pores in depth
   Refines the skin texture
   Brightens the complexion

A global anti-ageing protocol for an outstanding result

Lifting Intense is exceptionally efficient due to the combination of three skin care products designed to work together for optimum results. Three multifunction products developed to replace a complete beauty institute treatment:

Purity Cleanser

Purity Cleanser is a soft and gentle cleanser, which does not contain any abrasive particles. It cleanses in depth the surface layer of the epidermis as well and prepares your skin for the Lifting Mask.

Lifting Mask

Lifting Mask is a multi-active skincare that reshapes your facial contours in a few minutes while still moisturizing and protecting your skin. Lifting Mask is a powerful lifting and microcirculation activator, bringing a feeling of lasting skin rejuvenation with each application.

Radiance Serum

Radiance Serum is a beautifying care which durably repairs, soothes and hydrates for a radiant complexion. Its anti-wrinkle ingredients work in depth and have a lasting effect on wrinkles and fine lines.

Natural agents to preserve skin balance


Aloe Vera to deeply hydrate and stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis.


CF2 fucoidan, a very powerful tissue regenerator and antioxidant, to protect cells against free radicals

Senegalese gum arabic

Three natural biopolymers for a perfect mesh, forming a real second skin film: from Senegalese gum arabic, carrageenan (sea algae extracts) and corn extracts, all three rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins.

Buriti oil

Buriti oil, rich in carotenoids and tocopherols, to protect the skin from free radicals.


Guarana to tone and activate microcirculation and skin irrigation.