Enhances the appearance of the skin: smoother, softer, non-flaky, blotch free

Improves skin elasticity (Wheat Germs)

Reinforces skin moisturisation by combating loss of moisture by cutaneous tissues.

Increases the flexibility and firmness of the epidermis

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles via a smoothing effect (Wheat Germs)



Oily extract of Caviar (wheat carrier oil)

Rich in omega-3 and vital nutritional substances for the skin. The specificity of caviar lies in the properties it has due to the presence of vitelline (from sturgeon eggs). Caviar vitelline is rich in phospholipids, helping maintain skin moisturisation, but also in phosphoproteins and trace elements which are required for correct cell activity and are essential for excellent health of the epidermis. 


Wheat ceramides

Patented, innovative active ingredient obtained from wheat germs, guaranteed additive- and gluten-free. These “phytoceramides”, fats which are occur naturally in the skin, play a major role in moisturising it, keeping it young-looking and healthy. They play the role of a barrier (“cement”) against loss of moisture.


Safflower oil

Helps to combat skin dryness. Thanks to its composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it improves moisturisation of the skin and prevents flakiness.